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Reviews for "An elephant movie"

Loved the laughing XD
- made me pee pee my pants :P

CyanSandwich responds:

I do love when my creations make people pee their pants.

how did you even come up with that!!
THAT was awesooooooooome!!

lmao best shit. should win something or other at least. good work on the scenario

CyanSandwich responds:

Thanks bro! means a lot


CyanSandwich responds:

Why thank you.

Not bad! It was pretty strange story-wise haha but definitely good, especially as far as the animation goes. The premise, though odd, was mildly entertaining too. Good work!

CyanSandwich responds:

I can never tell whether or not the thing I just made was a piece of senseless rubbish. Reviews like this are always reassuring.