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Reviews for "Space Face (Part 1)"

I loved the small touches in the animation like the traps on the top of the roof! I am glad that you will continue the show. Rest in peace Edd Gould, you have touched so many lives!

Really loved it.Too bad Edd isnt with us anymore :( im missing all of his shows.You probably already know this but nice job!

Love it! The newer style on the end didn't look to bad, it was cool! Rest asure noone can replace Edd Gould I'm happy Eddsworld is still alive

A Whopping 4.5 Stars to you sir.

awesome! Can't wait for part 2!
i have full confidence in you guys when it comes to continuing the show!
Still it's sad this is the last one by Edd. :(

Fantastic work by everyone on this. RIP Edd Gould, you da man!