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Reviews for "I Want Waffles"

Menacingly cute.


does that make you a pedobear?

as for the video? i found it good as a first time thing, as im assuming this was an early sketch before other ideas, but the jokes are a lil uderdone. i was expecting a massive reaction from the mom at the first swear. but elsewhys it was pretty good. cute, funny, and a hidden undescovered moral, one of my favorite kinds of videos.

That voice modulator is quite interesting. I thought it was rather cute. The only thing about the video (now of course it may just be on my end) the little girls animation was extremely pixelated and with a large amount of movements it becomes a jumbled mess of color. Otherwise it was a nice little video.

This certainly got a cheap laugh out of me. It's just really funny to see this great animation. It sounded like this was an actual audio that you based on real life events. While it was real audio (what?) it wasn't based on something that really happened. I just can't believe you guys were so freaking good at sounding like a little kid! I seriously can not tell the difference!

Everything just moves so fluidly in this animation. Some of it's a bit sketchy, but it's still really cool to look at. I'm even surprised you managed to do this in a couple of days. Of course, this may be the shortest submission I've seen that had a timeline to it. It's simply a short, fun time.

From this moment on I will say "sangwich" instead of sandwich until THE DAY I DIE.

I thought it was cute, also.

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