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Reviews for "I Want Waffles"


This is one of the worst god damn flashes I've ever seen. But mindchamber made it so, 10/10.

MindChamber responds:

If you didn't like it,then vote what you thinks fair.No need to be so condescending.

Cute, very Cute It always brings a smile to my face when kids backtalk their parents in public, particuliarly when the parents are too dumb to win the argument. Best film I 've seen today period !

that's one bad ass kid

Hahaha I laughed hard as fuck when she said "then he whacked it!" and fell over

Wtf is with all the bad reviews?
Nobody seems to realize who you are... or that your like... a badass animator.
Jesus dude, I think i've been coming to this site since I was 13 or 14... now I'm 21.