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Reviews for "I Want Waffles"

Was this supposed to be funny? Cause if so you failed epicly.

MindChamber responds:

Sorry,I thought it was cute.

I did not find this funny or cute. congratulations on getting front page, but I did not enjoy this at all. Sorry.

Same. Plus, bad voice acting...

Not funny or cute, voices seems like they were done through a cup.

MindChamber responds:

It was done through an xbox headset

its the best video i have seen today...
probably because this is the first i watched

Animation is mediocre at best
voic acting is consitently horrendous
joke.... well its not even a real joke

and to the theory that you made this flash simply as a parody
if thats true... yeah, don´t.

Ps: oddly enough, i would´ve accepted that girl´s voice if she was the one we heard over the babyphone, but the mom who we hear over the babyphone sounds pretty clear
i assume this was unintended
why does newground keep frontpaging stuff like this next to some deep and awesome flashes (like: Lucky day forever)

MindChamber responds:

Lucky day was amazing, and probably took about a year to create. If front page was reserved for only amazing pieces like Lucky day, then we would have nothing to look at for years at a time.
anyways thanks for the review, sorry I wasted your time.