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Reviews for "I Want Waffles"

tsk, I want waffles too.

Cute video but there is something wrong with the video rendering because you see ghost imaging. May want to take a second look.

I think it could have been better

MindChamber responds:

I agree. It was done in under 4 days. And was meant to be a quickie

I remeber the first time my brother used those words. spent the last 15 years now listening to weather or not my mother or father tought him those words.

I know its the "art style", but the frame-rate is too slow, even for that style. it needs to be a little more fluent.

The little girls audio is too high, and its making her squeak. (i know its a he, but that part of it you did a great job on.)

Omg, what's with all those squares after moving? Encoding quality = 1% or what?

MindChamber responds: