Reviews for "Moir"

Not bad. It has difficulty to it, but not so much that you need to have a walkthrough. It is simple in design and works well as a puzzle.

Still, I feel like there could have been more. More colors to switch with, more specialty objects (breakaway walls, specific direction teleporters, moving hazards, etc.), and a level editor.

Also, should you make a sequel, go for a bigger screen and larger grid. You could make more complex puzzles in that amount of space.

Additive fun!

Fantastic game! I just need some help with the secret medals, except for Persistent, Tada, Pipes and Leftovers. (PM me, plz)

Nice game. Even better stylized creation with the pipe concept in a PONG environment. I got to level 19 (I'm not a big fan of games like these but your concept got me all the way to 19).

1. The music was great and ATARI like but seemed to go in and out around level 4-5 I think. Cut out all together once I took a break from it for a few minutes.

2. An undo last move/placement button would be great. I know Reset kind of does that but when working it out the sequence in my head, it would be great to reposition the last piece the one or two spaces I misplaced it.

3. Didn't know about the speed ball up until I went on here (space button). Could there be an alert to that feature in one of the beginning levels?

4. More about level design or flow. A lot of games when they introduce a new feature in a level then spend the next few levels elaborating on that feature. You did that with the transport feature. One level: NEW! Next few levels: Less new but more complicated! I really like this in games. It gives me a chance to get used to new features, allows the feature to really show off and makes me appreciate the feature. Best example of this I can give are the Angry Birds levels where they introduce a new bird and then the following few levels are opportunities for the player to use the bird in a different environment.

This is my first ever review so I hope it's okay. Again, nice style. The slight differences in the green of the background really gives it depth. I can tell it's a game that's been well loved and designed.

Not bad! I had a lot of fun. Only downside is the sound of the ball moving. It is a little irratating...