Reviews for "Moir"

I enjoy this game very much. And I usually don't like these types of games. But there;s just something about this one that has me addicted to it lol

A brilliant and in the later stages challenging game, personally I'm stuck on stage 28 and would kill for a walkthrough. I can't really say what would improve it as anything added would take away from it's simplistic charm.

Basically, great game and good amount of medals.

persistent- retry a stage 5 times
tada- the only one i can't figure out ( he said something about making the ball disappear but i don't know what that means
pipes- make a pipe loop (the ball just keeps going in a circle of pipes)
teleports- get the ball stuck in a teleport loop (I used stage 14)
walls- get the ball stuck in a wall loop (easy in any level with walls)
leftovers- pass with spare tiles
loopy- get the pipes walls and teleports medals

ArcticArcade responds:


Ta Da!: Leave one teleporter in your selection area and make the ball enter the other to make it disappear
Loopy: Get all three loop medals (Teleports, Walls, Pipes)

Awesome game, btw @ attack of badger, phold in space for the ball to move faster. And it was a really difficult puzzle :P I've been stuck on lvl 27 for about 10 minutes now and i can't find the answer to it haha. Excellent puzzle making skills on your behalf :)


Beat stage 30. Took me an hour or so. I am not much for puzzle games but i enjoyed this one.