Reviews for "Moir"


The ball moves at the speed of tedium. The tiles can't be replaced after you put them down... for no reason? Necessitating a full restart of the level?!

It seems to me that the things that get in the way of the enjoyment of the game are intentional based on the retro theme, but it really hinders the fun. :\

I can not comprehend how much better this game would be if you allowed me to change my set-up instead of having to restart and try to remember how I placed everything.
That really ruined the game for me mostly. Besides that it's a decent game with some good level design, but nothing more. I think the amount of 'secret' medals is kinda disturbing and I don't see the need of the being hidden.

Awesome! I really enjoyed it. Only thing was that the sound of the beeping as the ball moved was pretty annoying.

It has just the amount of difficulty and number of levels not to make it boring. A good pipe puzzle, even though I disliked the graphics (and I usually like retro) style. All in all, the game was nice, and I had 40 min of fun :D

If you intend to make a sequel someday, which would be neat, you could add new stuff:

- Walls through which the ball can pass in only one direction;
- Buttons that can rotate a pipe (and do other stuff);
- Colour-sensitive teleporters/walls/whatever;
- Teleporters that only work for specific directions;
- Colour changers that can change any colour;
Etc... I'm sure you'll think of a lot of stuff. You're creative.