Reviews for "Moir"

I liked it. It required nothing more than careful thinking. A level editor would be ideal though. But it is well made and the graphics are bad in a good way.

I'm glad I discovered that you can hold space to speed it up. Even with space it's too slow though. There needs to be a way to make it go much faster, and it needs to be clear.

ArcticArcade responds:

You can also speed the game up from the pause menu if you did not find that already :)

i think this is a great puzzle game, but a few minor problems

1. its really quiet, while it can help think it would have been a good idea to have some music besides sfx
2. a fast forward button, it takes a while for the animations of the ball going across the board sometimes and i wish there was a button to make it go faster on stages that you keep messing up on
3. you have to restart the whole thing if you make a small mistake or if you fail and it gets somewhat tedious to keep having to set up the same contraption over and over while trying to remember what to adjust and what to keep from last time.

besides those three negatives, this is a really relaxing puzzle game and i like it a lot 4/5

boring...but well programmed, no glitches

Well, its a nice game, it may or may not be bugged but I tried everything to pass level 25, if only the teleporters did not teleport the yellow balls that would be possible other wise I just cant get it.