Reviews for "Moir"

Too easy until the very end when they start giving you actually challenging puzzles

Decently fun puzzle game, but it feels like you only really designed 5 or 6 good puzzles right at the very end and the others up to that point were all tutorial levels. The concepts of switching ball types, pipes and rebounding walls could have been covered in 8 or 9 levels and left the rest of the space open for some good head scratchers. I'd like to see a sequel that expanded on the ideas here a little bit and got right into a harder difficulty curve.

I like the game but it gets too confusing for me after awhile.

Nice simplistic game, i like the green-white setting. Simple at the beginning but challenging at the end!

It gets a little boring about 18 levels in. Too monotonous, for me. But I can still see why this would be an enjoyable game, but it's missing some music, and it's a little annoying having to reset the whole grid after each failure.