Reviews for "Moir"

Stage 5 for me the entry and exit mouths were facing each other with no gap between, making it impossible to place anything to intercept the ball. Glitch?

ArcticArcade responds:


You can go around the exit using the pipes, then change the ball type

I enjoy this game very much. And I usually don't like these types of games. But there;s just something about this one that has me addicted to it lol

Not bad. It has difficulty to it, but not so much that you need to have a walkthrough. It is simple in design and works well as a puzzle.

Still, I feel like there could have been more. More colors to switch with, more specialty objects (breakaway walls, specific direction teleporters, moving hazards, etc.), and a level editor.

Also, should you make a sequel, go for a bigger screen and larger grid. You could make more complex puzzles in that amount of space.

Kept me playing for almost 10 stages. Would have played longer, but I'm too lazy to sit and solve level 10. It's a really interesting game, and I will come back to it later :)

This is a very thought out puzzle game! I am right now stuck on level 25!!