Reviews for "Moir"

Nice and challenging game. Not too frustrating and not too easy either.
I was able to complete them all, I loved the ones which had a certain pattern to them (like levels 26 and 30).
I applaud you for using only 300 kb for this. The medals were easy to get.
As mentioned by others already, the DIT DIT is annoying, but I played with my PC speakers off.
What is the TA DA medal? I tried everything to get it...

ArcticArcade responds:


To get the "Ta Da!" achievement, you need to make a ball disappear...

Not bad... EXCEPT FOR THAT ANNOYING DIT DIT DIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a good puzzle game, although the learning curve is quite slow. Puzzles don't become somehow challenging until the 20th or even 25th stage. Even then, since the puzzle area is not that large, solving the puzzles becomes relatively easy just by using a bit of intuition.

The only annoyance is that it is not possible to move a piece once you place it on the field. You should definitely change that.

Simple but fun. Well, no music (-1 Star) is one thing.

But what I hate the most is that I cannot move the objects when I place them by mistake, worse, if I get a failure, I'm forced to reset and start all over. No pipe assembly or Rube Goldberg games which don't have parts moving feature when people makes mistake. (-1.5 Star) You do the math of what I'm talking about.

For the next version, I'm expecting including the other players will need to see this part moving feature exists. All people want is to figure things out like a good old puzzle, without having to suffer this major annoyance. Please fix that.

Additive fun!