Reviews for "Moir"

could be better if i had not to restart from the beginning if i wanted to play level one again.

Most people seemed to enjoy this more than I did. I guess I didn't care for it because it didn't have a lot going on. Most of the stuff just wasn't detailed that well, or really at all. It was also weird how they went from one end of the pipe to the other not showing it in between. I guess that's a bit too nitpicky. I at least appreciate you coming up with a fairly original game. There should have been some music.

It doesn't have much detail in it and it comes off as fairly bland. The gameplay isn't that bad. I mean, this actually does kind of work well as a puzzle game. It's nice to see all this stuff organized here. There could have probably been some more colors used. Maybe other people will like this more.

If you have say 25 levels cleared and you decide to replay level 5, you cannot go back playing level 25 afterwards. Some annoying bug and the medals aren't really working if you decide to come back later so I can't give you full score.

Nice puzzles though

Fantastic game! I just need some help with the secret medals, except for Persistent, Tada, Pipes and Leftovers. (PM me, plz)

Wish I could re-place pieces. Other than that, fun little puzzle!