Reviews for "Moir"

Sorry, but this is so boring, re-done flash game, with worse graphics

It would be amazing if I havent saw this same thing a million times in newgrounds and on every part on the internet... plus, the style of this game is very boring and the sound of the ball is irritant.

It was okay. Nothing amazing or surprising, but fun nonetheless.

It was a good game, it was challenging had some hard to earn achievements and was fun. Sure the sound was annoying but, I can tune it out. Hopefully you will make a second, that will implement more mechanisms and be even harder and have more achievements and a soundtrack. By the way, I would like to ask if I can do a video walk-through for this. Would you mind if I made it?

Pretty cool! I like how retro this feels - the graphics, the sound effect, everything.

The puzzles were good, too, neither too easy nor too hard; a few had me scratching my head for a bit, but I ultimately managed to solve them all. Unfortunately, I'm still missing three achievements (Ta-Da!, Teleports and Loopy) - little help? I've seen your review reply for the Ta-Da! achievement about having to make a ball disappear, but I have no idea what you mean or how to do that.

I hope there's going to be a sequel!