Reviews for "Moir"

Good game. Very fun and simple. Good challenge and well designed puzzles. Graphics and sound contribute well to this game. The only gripes I would have are:

1. Make it so that you can move pieces while on the board. Having to reset to change something might make you lose your train of thought, and you might forget what you wanted to change in the first place, or forget where you placed the rest of your pieces.

2. Make it so that, even if one ball hits the edge of the board, the trial will not stop. Maybe one wants to find out what will happen if such and such pieces are in such and such spots, while leaving another part of the puzzle unsolved. The player can test the one part, and see if what he thinks will happen. After testing he can move on to the unsolved portion of the puzzle.

Changes like these will just overall make a much more convenient and enjoyable playing experience. It will feel like all bases are covered and nothing is missing.

Great little time waster. I like the look and feel. For those who got stuck after playing an older level, I found that if I finished one then it remembered where I was again.

I'm through 25 levels, but I haven't yet found a good one for the Leftovers achievement. Any hints?

ArcticArcade responds:


Stage 6 is the easiest stage to get the Leftovers achievement and the pipe already on the stage doesn't have to be used!

persistent- retry a stage 5 times
tada- the only one i can't figure out ( he said something about making the ball disappear but i don't know what that means
pipes- make a pipe loop (the ball just keeps going in a circle of pipes)
teleports- get the ball stuck in a teleport loop (I used stage 14)
walls- get the ball stuck in a wall loop (easy in any level with walls)
leftovers- pass with spare tiles
loopy- get the pipes walls and teleports medals

ArcticArcade responds:


Ta Da!: Leave one teleporter in your selection area and make the ball enter the other to make it disappear
Loopy: Get all three loop medals (Teleports, Walls, Pipes)

This is honestly the best puzzle game I've ever played. Usually I get frustrated and rage quit games with difficult puzzles, but this one was so incredibly fun I just couldn't stop until I figured it out! The puzzles themselves were very well thought out. The later stages required some out of the box thinking which I found to be a formidable challenge.

Those who are nitpicking such things as annoying game sounds, lack of music, medals, etc. are missing the point here. The retro style is something that I prefer with puzzle games because it allows you to focus on the puzzle, not all the flashy shit that oversaturates a ton of potentially good flash games on Newgrounds.

This game just rocks! Thank you.

usually it would make me extremely bored but for some weird reason its very addicting :)