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Reviews for "Liber Daemonum"

At first it was very easy, never lost a bit of health. The difficulty soon increased a lot in just a few levels, but over all pretty good. The only thing that pissed me off is when I'd draw the soulchain line at the bottom, and it didn't work and about 40 souls zoom off the top before the next one kicks in. :l

zenmasters responds:

it didn't work because part of the line didn't draw, or something else? I could fix it by slightly extending the 'spell field' at the bottom, if that's the case.

This game is really epic and amazing... I love it...

best game ever

Awesome game, I love it! I used Mephistopheles and Lilith a lot at the end.

Awesome game, I mainly used Belial and Lilith throughout the game. I like the fact that you can't replay levels and have to continue forward, it makes the game feel more like an interactive story than just a basic game. To those who think the difficulty jump is too big, get annihilation and combo it with soulchain, also upgrade you fire and lightning elementals.

Thanks to the creator who made an awesome game ^^