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Reviews for "Liber Daemonum"

hate diz gam

This is an interesting game. Making sweeping lines for magic was a good idea. The difficulty curve is off. Levels 1-18 are very easy. 19 is a small challenge, and 20 is quite difficult. The medals work. I earned them all. Will there be a sequel?

zenmasters responds:

All medals? Nice work ;) What difficulty lvl have you played on?
As for the sequel: we plan to make a version for Android, revising some aspects of gameplay. IF that's released, we'll think how we can convert it to Flash. I've always found talking about the future quite tricky - revealing things that don't exist yet. ;)

Cool game, a great time killer but last level is nearly impossible to beat for me, i almost maxed all my powers, used strategy not just mindless line spam alas couldn't beat the godamn level, maybe im gettin' too old for this shit lol

This game is really epic and amazing... I love it...

I really liked this game! The funniest thing is that I didn't even know how to properly play it at first, but I definitley got the hang of it later. The sounds in this game are really cool, especially with how the ghosts make this scary sound when they disappear. I appreciate the inclusion of all these great visuals. I also love how you summon new demons when you get a new power. It's just a very well done game.

My biggest suggestion is that you draw a few lines and set everyone on fire all at once. You really don't have to worry about your power replenshing. I had trouble with that at first, but I quickly got a lot better. I don't even know how I did that, it just got better for me. I also like how it automatically pauses for you when you scroll down to review.