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Reviews for "Liber Daemonum"

No lvl replay is a bad thing, apart of that a good game.

The game starts out really fun. I mean you are stealing peoples' souls! I stuck with the fire demon for most of the game. The last few levels were just using cataclysm over and over until everything was dead. If the game didn't interpret the symbols properly it meant certain doom. The brown archers in the last few levels are way over-powered as they could survive multiple cataclysms while everything else was dieing. They killed me countless times. It took me three hours just to beat the last level. This is fun but certain things could have been done differently. I realize that the symbols were to make the game more interactive, but the spells could have just been set to buttons. They would still use magic after all, and the game wouldn't ignore your symbols. I liked how the story was gradually revealed as you progressed through the game. It would have been nice if at least some of your victims were special people and not just the generic person over and over. It would have been fun to use the magic to destroy something besides people such as a town. Also, I was surprised that the souls didn't heal you at all. Even just a tiny bit would have been very helpful. This game could use a sequel, so long as it is different enough to make the sequel unique. The game never lagged and all of the medals worked fine so this is good quality game. Still, the certain points that I mentioned kept it from being an awesome game.

What everyone is saying is that this is a great game, but the experience system is a little messed up. Fantastic story idea, great execution, and an even better premmise, (<--misspelled) but could be vastly improved with slight modifications. I also read your response to DoctorStrongbad, let us know when they come out please!?

As others have said, the exp in this game isn't all too great. I also noticed that there is a way to get an infinite amount of skill points and have all the skills before you reach level 5, if you really wanted to. For those who don't know, there is an end level option that still awards all the normal stuff as if you had finished the level. This allows you to replay a level till the near end and get 97 ish points per level play. Overall this is a great game and i really enjoyed it. There also seems to be some issues with the game ignoring the symbols if there are already lines drawn on the board. Although it's easily cleared, it gets annoying.

best game ever