Reviews for "Escape from Puppy Factory"

Well, it certainly took me awhile to get used to this, but it was enjoyable once I did. I had some trouble understanding exactly how I was supposed to teleport. You mostly just had to aim for something that was where you wanted to be. I assumed this the main character was a space dog that he would be able to fly! I guess teleporting and rearranging matter is pretty cool, though. I like how the puppy kind of looks like Samus Aran.

I'm also glad that you can't kill the puppies you're trying to rescue. I shot at one, but it didn't die. Now if only this game had been done with kittens. AdultSwim is known for making some weird games. I thought this was going to be a parody of Nyan Cat at first, I just thought the dog kind of looked like him.

So far the game is great, got most of the puppies and trying to finish up. I'd like to report a bug, though, that occurs when changing maps in a corner - sometimes it seems to try to change diagonally instead of just left or right, and it crashes the whole thing. Relatively minor since you rarely are in that position and you can simply reload from your save point, but worth mentioning.

Thats stupid. the only way out i cant go. Other than that, the game is okay. Ill give it a 4.5

One of the greatest games i played, except one thing is missing, Medals. 4.5/5 stars

to much rainbows ;D