Reviews for "Escape from Puppy Factory"

I jumped into a corner and moved sideways into... somewhere. I got a (!) sign, so I guess an error?
I failed pretty hard there.

Game is fun but gets pretty annoying.

I really like this game, it provides that nostalgic sensation from the video-games old school, and with the cuteness aggregation it is superb.

The only suggestion I give is to actually stop the timer when the game is paused, it is just not fair for those who don't have continuous time to play it.


This had to be one of the most satisfying flash games I've ever played. The music was charming and the jingle that played whenever you got a puppy was very rewarding. The feeling I got when I finally beat a puzzle that was almost impossible (for me) was even more so. Very, very, VERY good game. Not to mention it was quite cute. There were a few moments where I felt a bit overwhelmed by the puzzles however. Especially one in the canning area that was timed because of a moving ceiling. It took me at least eight or nine tries before I finally got it. The music had to be my favorite part of the game though. It was just so charming that I couldn't get enough of it.

K9, you little cutie! She's adorable! <3 I like this game. The controls are interesting, as is the switching process. Is she dressed as Samus? That's so cute! Hahaha, distress bark, that's so cute~. So, it's cute and it's really fun; great game!

Fun game! Simple yet difficult at spots too. I can't help but wonder how much I breezed right past; I'll be back to find the rest of them.

Any reason why I can't shoot while holding up and left together tho? Up and right works fine...