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Reviews for "Escape from Puppy Factory"

5 stars just for the Metroid reference, but kept playing and was not disappointed. This game looks, sounds and plays awesome. Stay groovy.

outstanding. took me four damned hours, had to use the walkthrough for two levels. thanks for the mute button. This game was SO well paced and the difficulty had me grinding my teeth. bravo!

i loved both the gameplay and aesthetic concepts of the game. the puppies were TOO CUTE and the final boss was just hilarious.

Game is amazing and well planned, structured and fun.

And unintended easter eggs :3
Room after two doomed puppies with the lasers and the bombs.

You can get to the un-visitable map blocks by blowing up the bottom laser :D
If you think it's impossible, keep trying till you get it XD

my dog chose this game..........
idk why.....
but he loves it! ( mydog name is tyson if u where wondering and the five stars where his choice )