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Reviews for "The Sagittarian 4: Berger"

Amazing Game! Loved the options and love the series.

BALLS TO THE WALL I LOVE YOUR SERIES OF THIS but like captainhero06 said can you at least try to make voices and maybe make little minigames ex: whack a sleeper or shooing gallery and PLEASE MAKE MORE or else the video game gods will rip your thumbs off AND 1 more thing can you make big plot changes and the games longer i beat this one in like 20 min

Sad to watch all the members getting pwned and replaced... now there are new faces only(excluding Sage)...

To JadenLaosGamer: There's only one line of story and 'they' all die. The infection will quickly spread out through the veins, and amputation without surgical expert and equipment obviously risk bleeding out to death.

i love it but can u put like voice actors for the characters cause i don't like reading

Very good keep it up! :)