Reviews for "Drawn Together~"

oh my god so cute and funny ^^ <3

One hella reason to make a animation. 5 stars .

Good luck to you and i Wish you 32 years of happyness anylonger you will make the rest of us look bad.

Good luck to you your soon to be wife your drawing/animations her drawings/animations you pets any children ... did i missanything?

Oh my gosh, you see, this is why you are my biggest influence with animation.

Your line-work is incredible, it's extremely clean and yet, natural-looking. It doesn't look like it was line-tooled. But your frame-by-frame is just so smooth and phenomenal, some of the best I've ever seen in any animation ever. The force behind movements and the movements themselves are just perfect, and you go over-the-top and it's so fun to watch.

As for your style of drawing, I absolutely adore the more abrupt-looking angles you use. It's very unique. Your colors are very fluorescent and they pop out. And what I really like... you don't abuse the line-boil effect 24/7.

This video was just cute, funny, and super-entertaining to watch. Your design, style, and pretty much everything is just not seen very often and it's just fantastic. You're a true professional at this, I always eagerly wait anything from you.

Do say impendng marriage D:>!!!

makes me thing impending doom c.c