Reviews for "Drawn Together~"

Funny and cute. Me gusta!

me recuerda el tipo de relacion que tengo con mi princesa, vivimos molestandonos como chicos hace añares ya, y en pronto nos casaremos, muy loca la vida, sera que, los que se pelean se aman?

@generalmittens: I sincerely hope you die in a fire very, very soon.

This animation is great. Congratulations! I think i've come back to watch it every day since you've put it up.

Do I sense "Based on a true story" here?

Possible implications aside, top-notch animating as we've all come to expect from you, and congratulations on your upcoming marriage.

May god have mercy on your soul... (jk)

I liked it.


The moral of the story is she is a money grubbing whore who would only get back with him if she got a shiny piece of expensive jewelry. :/