Reviews for "Drawn Together~"


It's SHIT! Oh, and there was a little bit of boiling going on. Don't know if that was intentional or not, because it felt out of place. Whatevs. More awesomeness from Zeurel, I suppose.


Now its stuff like this that i really take a like too, it has all the elements and has just some unique sense about them, so you have done a good job here and while i do say that there could be more done, but i wont touch up on that yet, LOL ok so i found this one to be pretty funny, it was entertaining, it was amusing, It was kind of a short one though but still amusing, there was alot goingon but it was still pretty "WACKY" and thats a good thing because it did give me a few laughs, The "MUSIC" was also a nice touch, and it was fitting aswell, i have no real negitive points here, maybe just make it longer next time, the drawings really came to life so that was neat. And while this review will end soon, i must admit i had fun with this one, not everything was in synk together but you still did one heck of a job and the effort you put into this shows me that it took some time, so nice job overall.

And here i will suggest a few ideas maybe you can improve on a few points here and there, maybe some extra effort or maybe some small advice will help, but here are some small ideas and hope they do help as this has potential. The only tip i really have with this one, would be that it could be longer and have more drawings thru-out.

Dem, Eyebrows at the end.

Unique animation and story, very smooth too! :D