Reviews for "Drawn Together~"

i thought this was beautiful in so many ways never listen to the trolls that comment on this there just jelous that they can't get a date let alone get married i hope you will still have time to animate after your new adventure may you have a wonderful wedding and go all out on the honeymoon :3

@SeanFury - stfu, you idiot.

@Zeurel - "Mine and my fiance's (Not being a nazi, just helping out :D )

I normally don't wright reviews but I read SeanFury review taking the video too seriously. I thought it was a short cute animation. The music stood out for me. It reminded me of short Mickey Mouse cartoons I watched when I was a kid.

This is bad because it has little cohesive plot structure and is general self-wankery. There is no reason for the woman to take the man back, and is an incredibly shallow view of the woman's feelings. The animation is smooth, but the drawings are terrible and plastered onto a static background. The entire piece screams "lack of effort."

Zeurel responds:

This entire review screams "lack of constructive criticism"

And remember children, the moral of the story is that no problem with a woman is so great that you can't slap a ring on it and magically fix it.

Wonderfully charming animation that synced up with the music very very well. Masterfully done and congratulations to you and your soon to be wife.