Reviews for "Drawn Together~"

Congratulations Zurel! On your impending marriage! I love your work, especially "a Robo western"

Amazing work Zeurel, indeed my 5 stars belong to this, im a huge fan of this art style too, and congrats on an happy marriage.

i absolutly love his art style. cartoons kick ass and you definatly got something going. also i guess marriage is cool...

This was a great animation, and I dont mean to drive away from it but, Whatever happened to drawn together? The TV show? Anyone else remember that? It was hilarious why the hell is it not around anymore?

@SeanFury - Someone should review your ability to criticize. Your ability to misconstrue the intentions of the artist is impressive to say the least. To simply logically strip down something presented artistically (and from a presentation level you'd have to be a tool to say it was done so poorly) is a horrendous mockery of a fair review. It's like taking music and explaining it in irrelevant quantitative metrics and stemming your conclusion from such values. BPM too low? Well shit, 0/10 lawl. GTFO, you cancerous shit.

Fantastic animation. It was fluid with that form of referential coherence between gestures that is the mark of great shorts (i.e. You seemed to get everything out, crystal clear, with brevity). The organic expressions on the characters were quite priceless.