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Reviews for "No Elephants in Here"

kinda slow paced, should be a little quicker, I feel the slowness from the convos cuts the storyline.

tht was soo good XD

That elephant fucking owned!!!!!
Hilarious piece!

Your art confuses me.

In places you show a brilliant aptitude for shading and mood depth. In others there is no shading at all and looks empty. If the art was consistantly at it highest quality all the way through it'd been at least another 0.5 on your score.

Story was daft but amiable - zany in it's own right.

Sound. That' an issue. Voicing was ok but need to speak clearer into the mic. It SOUNDS like you need a better mic and probable better audio cutting software - wheres also a loose peice of audio somewhere in the video that sounds like a cat coughing. Take more time with your audio.

The video was awkwardly floating along but your story was conveyed - your art was your best card.

hillrdavid responds:

Because I made the entire thing in 20 days

lol wasn't expecting that great job. Story was a bit slow but made up for it at the end. The elephant appearing out of nowhere was the best part also you sumed up the rest of the story in 20secs. Hope to see more of your work in the future.