Reviews for "SnowBrahs"

You made it already? xD awesome dude! and there it was the punchline! xD crap! i didn't expect that hahahahaha, chilean animators to the power! your keyframes are SO much better now! i want that xP. I'm going now, to keep working in my skills xD

And who saids that classic games are not funny.

Spectacular work! I really really liked ricpirates voice work, for the characters. Real nice touch, to a well-drawn-and-animated movie! Good job! :3

Congrats on Daily 1st!

/Wand <3

Ah, how I remember playing that game in the arcade fondly as a child - yes, I'm old enough to remember blowing lots of coins into the Snow Bros. machine, for hours of fun.

I absolutely love the animation, with the way that you've captured the two brothers and even that little demon thing that they snowballed and pissed on. While I kind of expected the turd joke, I didn't expect it to be the end of the piece as a whole, so I was a little disappointed to see it end quite so abruptly. The hours of fun I had as a boy cannot be summed up by a mere few minutes.

Perhaps something like panning out of the arcade machine and seeing two kids playing it as multiplayer, where one has shat on the other in game (literally) and his defeated partner rushes off to a parent, with the phrase "mum, I need a quarter!", while the red player can only sn****r in the background.

As good a voice actor as RicePirate is, I cannot give credit to him for just making sound effects, as opposed to voices. My heart yearned for them to say something, yet all we got was emotive gibberish. There was good potential there, but it needed to be well written. You're capable of that, at least.

I look forward to the next piece you lot make.

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Thank you for bringing me back the good memories.