Reviews for "SnowBrahs"

Awesome, nuff said.

:D 5 stars and Fav!

Loved it! Reminded me of Dragon Ball XD Wanna see more!

Cool movie brah, but in all seriousness, the animation and art were well put together.

Finally, a funny video game spoof!

Attention Artist Gamer Gal, this is how you make a video game parody. With that out of the way, it's really cool to see an unused subject get covered here. Plus, I love how you used another Toaplan game that isn't Zero Wing.

When it comes to the animation, I love how you did it all. Everything was drawn with incredible skill just like golden-age cartoons. Plus, you have to like one scene that looks like the actual arcade game. In other words, fucking flawless! Then we have the sound, which was great. The music was fitting, and the voices fit. However, it would be nice to not see RicePirate in literally everything and get a high score because of it. (I suggest that you look up Crystal-Jawz, Psyguy, Malamite-Ltd, and Xalkie for voice actors.) Finally, the content of this piece was top-notch and had me laughing throughout the whole thing. Clever use of toilet humor combined with excellent staging & direction. That, the subject, and the non-use of a script made this a winner in my book. By contrast, AGG Toons/Zelda Uncut had crappy jokes that felt forced and can be seen from a nautical mile.

The Good:
-Previously unused subject
-Great audio
-Excellent animation
-Adept direction and staging

The Bad:
-The fact that it's another game spoof.

Overall: Here's a ten from me. (5/5)