Reviews for "SnowBrahs"

I have played games like this, but I think this is referring to the original game those are based on. I did not even know there was an original game. I recall snow being used in most variants. I knew they were going to turn that into yellow snow. I was fascinated by how good the animation was. RicePirate really is becoming more like TomAto, or whatever his name is.

It's great to see such talented people coming together. I had no idea we were going to get into poop and I could have done without that. It's still nice how you make a tribute to this game. How could this have not won an award? Your childhood was more messed up than mine.

A real nes classic.I remember playing for hours with my brother when we were kids.A nice tribute to a a game that stays close to my heart. 5 stars for you my friend.

haha! nice! loved the credits theam reminds me of fire red on the gba!

Menuda pasada, esta increible el trabajo tio.


I hear this one didnt get a frontpage. It is shame because it is very well animated. GJ!