Reviews for "The Elephant in the Room"

Damn straight. I would say take a picture but your ending was MUCH better. Nope, no elephant here. :)

Great flash animation

Well so its not all the time you see flash works like this especially in a movie form so i was actually suprised with how you presented this and how you let it flow from start to the end, So in that aspect of things it actually does get off to a decent start. I wish there was more submissions like this as they present something unique and differant. So as i do get started on this movie i am getting good vibes from it so keep that up. Haha well i really liked this, it was pretty good, i really liked the "STORY" you had here, it was pretty good, and kept you wondering what was going to happen next, the idea and story were my fave part of this one and really glad i saw this one it was pretty interesting, and the "ENDING" was great aswell, so nice job indeed, now as for improvment, im thinking you can use the elephant somehow, and make more stories with it, but anyways good stuff here. And soonce again this was a decent Flash i really liked what you presented, now ofcourse there was some improvments that could make it much better i suggested some ideas below, but for what it is you presented a good flash with an entertaining and replay value, so with that said keep up the good work it was a pretty decent work of flash, So keep it up.

Little touches make all the difference, I was amused with this flash as it brought some entertainment value, and some other elements that brought stuff together but then there was some weaker points that could be worked on, adn adressed more heavily, and with alot more effort, So if i do suggest any advice and or ideas they would help on these flashes great i think, they do have potential, so its a good sense of entertainment. But anyways without furture adu here are some of those ideas to improve on. Make multiple endings so that there are other outcomes and differant endings and so on, its an idea anyways.

LOLLERZ, when i saw the elephant killed and spread on the walls and floor i said this:

This is the only NATA submission I've reviewed that had dialogue in it. I wonder why? I guess music videos are just more popular nowadays for letting the action tell the story. The end of this was extremely satisfying. What I thought was going to happen was that the guy was going to start having the elephant in his room. That kind of happened, just not the way I expected it.

I laughed out loud at the joke about the guy's wife. Seems kind of crass for me to do that. Anyway, I guess I'm done with NATA and it's great to see how different people contributed to this idea. The animation could have been better, but it was funny enough to really like. I love how it all works out in the end.

koit responds:

Yay, thanks for the review. I like it not because it was positive, more to the point it was a review !

Thanks though and I'm glad you did enjoy it. :)

Excellent work keep it up! The theme song for the elephant was awesome. lol. I had to play it a few times to get it out of my system.

koit responds:


Thanks matey.