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Reviews for "Incident:100A"

You never cease to amaze me, Matt. Loved how it ended, too XD. Nice to see Sanford and Deimos back in action!

Nice ultraviolence as usual Krinkels! Also, I'm rather enjoying all the music from cheshyre.

Why agents wear paintball masks, I mean that does not help them at all...

short and strange... just like all the other incidents :) you don't disappoint at all good sir :)
good to see your still coming up with some nice things to present. keep up the good work man.

Considering how stuff semi-randomly happens, I wouldn't be fully surprised that Deimos could be resurrected and the series continues somewhat like this. Check how many times Hank has been saved from death. I like how even after what probably was the final official episode in the story, Krinkels is still going strong with Madness. I hope to see more, but can wait for good quality work like always!