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Reviews for "Cardboard Box Assembler"

Another guy made a guy using almost the exact same kind of gameplay. Coincidence? Well, I'm sure a game like this has been done before, just not exactly like this. What I really liked about this game was how you had so much good mobility and could move around everywhere. The music is great too and it creates a very interesting atmosphere. Even the cutscenes are nicely done!

This isn't as good as the "Sequester" game, probably because it feels like a bit of a knockoff. I'm not going to be pessimistic, this is still a nicely done game. I appreciate how you get a great sense of 3D in this game. It's rare on online games so it's always nice to have them. Everything just has a nice, optimistic tone to it!

cool and interesting game it seems kind of fez inspired the only thing i had trouble with was the ladders there was a little delayed reaction but every thing else was very smooth

Dunno why the score is so low. This game is fucking fluid, stylish, original, and fun. Maybe later it gets too hard?? I'll have to play and see.

Excellent game, the intro is also amazing!

Reminds me of Shift, very creative "Shift Like" game, but all the games you all have aren't that goodi hopes all time. :/