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Reviews for "Kid Sickofthis"

I did actually play the original Kid Icarus for the NES and the 2nd game Kid Icarus: Myths and Monsters for the Gameboy and I enjoyed all the references that Uprising sported from previous titles. I wish that I could relate to the new Kid Icarus fans, but sadly, I cannot. So, poor them. I liked this animation and how it sort of was speaking to Nintendo about how not every single person had played a previous title. The animation was pretty smooth and funny (but it was a little choppy in the beginning). All my 5.

Wonchop responds:

It's been running smoother than I expected, given all the crazy Photoshoppy graphics I threw in.

i actually DID grow up with nes
and we had kid icarus in it..
...the ironic part is that i dont remember even playing it anymore -_-'

what i do remember is playing snes years later
because it was nes

yeaah...games used to be super...
i hope next playstation would be: superultraps4000 or something like that xD

Quite nice and funny. Although I didn't like the style too much, the animation was well done.

XD being a big fan of Pit and watching this, lmfao that is so wrong but I couldn't stop my self from watching it again and again and ect. .. nicely done, it was the perfect wake up call for so early in the morning.

That is the first time i have seen that as an ending, nice touch.