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Reviews for "Living Dead Tower Defense"


Good start, but could use more background pictures to make the game more interesting, and one more thing would be to make it easier to know which opening was the beginning

@ below true but yeah ok ill just give this game a 3.5

Was fun while it lasted but turned out the strategy to win was way way way too simple. Since upgrades are way less efficient then buying a new tower, never ever upgrade. Since all towers always shoot at the closest enemy, range almost doesn't matter at all. While some of the more expensive towers have better damage per cost, since range doesn't matter, they will only get a very limited time to do their magic. It's better to have lots and lots of towers that can cover the whole road than a few towers that can only cover small sections.

Build only the $90 towers and line both sides of the roads with them. By about wave 20 you end up sending 2 or 3 waves at a time just to give your rear towers something to do. By wave 40 you are clicking the send button as soon as it appears every time. Even on level 12 I only had a few guys manage to get through while hitting that send button as often as I could. I probably could have upgraded a few towers since I had extra cash after lining the roads, but I didn't.

In the end, it was entertaining and I hate TD games that are impossible. I gave you the stars for making me work a little to figure it out, but it wasn't a tough strategy.

You really need more variety- both in the towers and in the enemies. All the enemies move at roughly the same speed, possess roughly the same health, and have the same weaknesses. The towers desperately need more variety- the last four are just faster, stronger versions of the very first tower. More music would also help- 2 tracks really isnt enough.