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Reviews for "Luigi's Adventure 5"

It was kinda funny. I liked the toad killing spree and how stupid they act. Keep up the nice work !

DUDE!!!!! I like modest people like yourself, but, stop it!!!!! GThat Rocked!!!!!!
Can you tell me how to do that "zoom-in" effect at the part where Luigi said "Son of a bitch"
Also, I think it was tourettes guy!?
BTW When I read this was from 2004, I WAS SO EXSTATIC. I have a weird obsession or interest in learning about the internet and software in 1999 - 2008. Like, I dunno. It's when YouTube, MySpace, and other stuff was better. Also like Nigahiga and stuff.
Just saying good job!! I'm making a game myself, and I'm making you a test player!!!!!

- Sphotof :)

AgentTer responds:

Haha thanks, i honestly didn't use any kind special effects (mainly because i didn't know how to at the time) but i basically just selected all of the images/sprites/background/etc. and just slowly dragged it, expanding the whole image slightly frame by frame and tried to keep it somewhat centered.