Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

This really immerses you into the TOME universe. And now I really wish it was an online game.

naughty dog, blizzard,343 some need to make thit master piece

Damn, this is amazing. This world is more cool than some real-world concepts. Then again, I suppose that is the point of making a fictional video game. No design contstraints!

Informative, awesome, but I have a question. Is that going to be the voice for the NetQueen? I'm curious.

I thought this, as per usual, was a wonderful masterpiece.

In addition, I was wondering how much support there would be for a pen and paper RPG system for TOME. I have some experience in d20 systems, and others, so I may be willing to craft said system. However, I would rather not if there isn't at least some support for it.

So, how many of you would actually use a system, were it built?