Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

God dammit!!!! Why isnt this a game!!

Why isn't this a real game? I hope in the future, this game will comes, free to play or pay to play, I want this game.

Despite how good the TOME webisode series is, TOME is one game I would not like to play. There are two things I'll criticize right now. The fact that your design needs to be approved by the creators despite being user friendly? I'll bet there are a few people who won't like that. And the game auto choosing the class for you? That's one decision I'd like to make myself. If I were to make a character for TOME, it probably wouldn't be quite how I envision my avatar unless you also happen to have a class similar to Arthurian Knights.

I'd play it. Gotta say the amount of thought behind this world blows my mind for a flash series. I hope to see more of your work in the future and T.O.M.E. when you have time for it.

@shade you know there is a character in a Sonic game called Shade the echidna, not hedgehog. Wow you must love to copy DS games alot NOOB.