Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

Amazing, i am serious when i say this, but i may not play another computer game and be happy, until someone creates a game just like this, just as in-depth, just as awesome, with ACTUAL 360 image. Seriously, it's that epic.

I would play this game if it were real. In fact, I wish it were! I don't know of any game that gives you this much depth in customization. You could make a fortune if you tried to make this real ._. Possibly, just rambling lol. Either way, I love TOME

I am willing to bet money that someone, someday, will attempt to make this concept an actual online game.

I whatched it on Youtube (one actually uploaded by Kirbopher) and in the description it said the year was 2020. I SOOOO wish this would be a real game in the future. It's AWESOME how you can just upload a drawing.

This makes me want to grab ALL of the students downstairs and across from me (I'm Networking Tech, They're Simulation and Game Design and Programming, respectively), and design the hell out of this. I think in all honesty TOME is that massive thing that I wish what real, that Kirbopher has a hand in.