Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

The animalistic characters were siiiiick!!!! Love the idea of being able to have a game like this in the future! I'd love to do something like this, via hologram room or something

All this time,I've been scratching my head whenever I thought about the inner workings of Tome.Now not only do I fully understand how the game works,but I'm even more eager for the day when a game like this becomes reality.Who knows,the people capable of such a feat may stumble upon this series one fateful day,contact you,and the rest would be video game history.Whatever happens,just know I will always be a fan of whatever you have a hand in because of TTA/TOME.

man,I hope they will or have made this!

Damn I wanna play this game though I wish I could draw cuz I don't think the game would be able to make my character

this should be a real game and if it was i'd be like nylock only girl version and my power would be fire :3

Main weapond: my fire blade
Friends: Nylock and squire kirbopher x3