Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

So its 2013.... I'm 11 TOME may be developed in 2020 So I'll be 18!


What, no PvE?
If I was to be fighting other players, I would like at least some computerized enemies to test my skills on before diving in...

So you can draw a character on paper, scan it and the game creates you avatar?
I wish this could be possible now, i hate the character design of some mmorpgs so much =___=

So, start to make my own TOME character :3 Thanks for that very, very awesome guide!

Love it so much. I really like the whole series. I kinda wish it was a bit more like the old series, but I'm really falling for this one. It's awesome. It might be the nostalgia also, but who cares!

In the original TOME series they used the battle network grids too.

AAAAHHHH. The background scrolls... Exactly like in Megaman Battlenetwork. So many things about this remind me about the Battlenetwork series... I'm so sad it died along with the Game Boy Advance. THE NOSTALGIA... T.T I can tell you're a fan of them too Kirbopher. I really hope you continue this series for a while... It really makes me want to play MMBN5-6 again though, for I am MMMMATT! THE MASTER OF EXTREME NOSTALGIA!!

...No seriously, I'd almost beg for an episode 8 right now.