Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

It must be a hard to think how TOME works.
I never thought that all abilities were chossen by the design of the character.
At the first time i saw TOME i started to create my own characters,
now i have 20+ and the abilities fit to their design.
Im really impressed what you have created!
Sorry, but i can give you just five stars ;)

Very nice. The one thing is (and since this isn't an actual game, it doesn't matter much) it would be a little lame if the game decided your class based on your design. This should be an actual game, though.

I personally found all of the rules and regulations well thought out. This could actually become a great MMO. Just a few tweaks here or there (example: alternate ways to gain experience) and this could be quite fun. This and any other suggestions for making this a real game could also help you get some ideas for the series as well!

you should make this real,but take away all the rules and limitations and make combat unristricted by battlegrids so that the terrain can be used in battle

YOu should make this into an actual flash game on ng!