Reviews for "TOME Traveler's Guide"

If that were a real game I got quite an interess into it.

If it exist, I would create this character:

Picture: (Black rings on his shoulder makes wings of light appear, but can be use to learn and use abilities)
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/53547 76/
http://www.furaffinity.net/view/53548 06/

Username: Thunder_Nova

Class: ??? (Idk what to put, since I use a learning type power, non-robotic, and his style is close range)

Power: Adapt
- main sub-abilities:
* speed (Used for dodging, or get into position to use learn or counter)
* learn (any type of attack used on this character can be used, but leaves the character wide open to attacks, and can't use counter)
* counter (Can't be used with learn, takes any attack and returns it back to the opponent)

(Limits to learn: Can hold up to permanently up to 4 attacks, an attack can be changed if learn is used again, but only after the battle if won, for each 5 levels the limit of attacks is up by 1. Level 50 is max for number of attacks he can learn, but gains the ability combine (fuse 2 or more different attacks to make one extreme attacks)) (note: by attacks, I also mean heal, defence, etc.)

Type of training: Defence/Endurence and Speed

Hacker: Yes, but has a safe lock hack that prevents his character to be hacked in any way. Even from virus and bugs.

Personnality & Biography: Loves to try anything new, hates to hack except to protect himself, works legit, he tends to go help especially against hackers and unknown bugs. He learn quickly so he hates to get the obvious out of anything. Loves to wordplay, so he also ends up doing poetry. (Got my own personality to it too)

I will be shock to see this character used... well more surprised but happy.

And I bet, that many more will love to see a game like in your animation exist.

...this would be the ideal game to play.


Class:??? Power:???

yes i would learn to hack, but only to make my character even more personalized. i would try not to overpower myself. only go OP when fighting Evil Hackers :)

i wish it whas a real online game, 'cuz it is that awesome...

Informative, awesome, but I have a question. Is that going to be the voice for the NetQueen? I'm curious.

O.K this I find was very informative.

I even liked how you used animation clips from the past episodes to show examples of what was being said. And I liked how the "Libra System" thing was explained so that even I can understand it. I also liked how the series limits the classes, but not the powers! I mean if this was a real game, then I would love to be known as a Spellcaster Kitsune! (Or in this case; Class: Animalistic Power: it would be either "Magic" or "Elemental")

I know you will be busy with your other stuff so I wish you and the others luck on that as well as I'll be waiting patiently for episode 5! (I hope the others will be in ;Sanctuary soon and I have a feeling a certain young Netking might make an appearance!)