Reviews for "Achievement Unlocked 3"

You should add real NG medals for some in-game achievements (I know you can only give the max of 1000 pts in NG medals), it would be really cool.

this is awesome, i like it!!

This game is great. The reason I say so is that the idea of getting an achievement for everything you do is amazing! Turning left gets you an achievement! Amazing!

For those that don't get achievements very much, this is THE GAME FOR YOU!

Beat the game, but not the achievements. (366/400)
i think fire starter 27X has some sort of lag, because i got every iginitor achievement and didn't got it.

Wasn't nearly as good as the last 2. The originality seems to have gone out of it. The improved graphics and different setting are nice, as are the few new features, but the gameplay itself just isn't as enjoyable. I ran into a ton of lag, even with the graphics on low (and I have a good computer). Some of the areas in the game are downright frustrating, especially the testing room.