Reviews for "Achievement Unlocked 3"

As usual, improving over yourself with these games! I liked the ending of AU2 better, but gameplay-wise this one is great. Just 4 1/2 though, bc I found a bug - got the "And you're safe - All" achievement but the "And you're safe - F" didn't get marked as done. I double checked touching all safe spots twice, to no avail. Kind of defeats the purpose of getting all achievements, otherwise it'd be of no consequence >.< (and my mild OCD doesn't really help xD)

the game is awsome but you should of but a description to get the achivement

will.... cool game i beated it.took me 3 months

I am expecting an Achievement Unlocked 4. This was a great game, and it demands a sequel to carry on the awesomeness that this game has. The gameplay is fun, the dialogue is funny, and this game is in general a perfect game.

is this guy really asking for more achievements \/ \/ \/ !!!