Reviews for "Orange Roulette"

I reakly like the art and music, but its not anything new, but boi, if this game was multiplayer, it would be awesome

really nice game but I would have liked it more if it was more based on skill than luck.

most of the time, when I think I figured out a way to win everything fails and I die but from what i can tell, the fourth time someone pulls the trigger BAM! someone's dead.

1 star i don't think games that take no skill just luck are good

Matzerath responds:

Fair enough!

Dang good game

This game is a real pulp twister, peels away your innocence nicely. It planted seeds of thought in my mind, what if I was in this situation.

Enough with the puns, good game, the puns give the player a little break of laughter before another disturbing round of "AM I GONNA DIE!?"

Facial expressions can be a little weird sometimes.