Reviews for "Orange Roulette"

I don't know if I ever told you this, but Orange Roulette is one of my legitimate favorite games of all time.

Why did you change the gun to a banana shooter?! It was a lot scarier with the blue revolver design and a lot more real, which is why I found this game scary and testing my nerves. It still does this to a point, but why?!

Also, the amount of guys you had before was fine. Why did you add more.

Still, I should have written a review when I first played it long ago. Although this game is essentially (if not completely) luck, it keeps you on the edge of your seat and the story is both funny and a little disturbing with an orange in the seat of what would be a human. It also shows a psychological change as the game progresses as what this kind of thing can do to a person (though I'm not sure if you were planning on going this deep). Great game, but I prefer the older design.

Hardcore. I'd like to see the annoying orange get its brains blown out, ha ha. But it actually is an interesting question in game theory. What is the procedure to maximize your probability. Given that you're allowed to spin the cylinder once during the course of the game, and that you can shoot your opponent but then you're forced to shoot yourself if it isn't the bullet then. Clearly for instance, if there have been 5 firings so far, you should shoot your opponent. And you can expect your opponent to follow the same. Therefore, if there are 4 left, you should shoot your opponent, because shooting yourself is a lose-lose scenario: if the bullet is in the 5th chamber, you die when you shoot yourself but if not then your opponent is going to shoot you. So you have a 0% chance of winning if you shoot yourself on #5 if you shoot yourself, and a 50% chance if you shoot your opponent. But then if there are 3 left, you can expect your opponent to follow this rule and make it so he's got a 50% chance - which means if you shoot yourself on #4, then you have a 2 in 3 chance of killing yourself because you die if the bullet is in #4 OR in #5, but you also have a 2 in 3 chance if you shoot your opponent because then you die if the bullet is in #5 or in #6 but only win if it's in #4, so certainly that would be a good time to spin the barrel again, to reset the odds to closer to 1 in 2 instead of 1 in 3 against your favor. But maybe it's better to use up your spin earlier? When is it the best time to use up your spin of the chamber? It also means that if you go 2nd and your opponent first shoots himself, your odds are 3 in 5 if you shoot your opponent instead of yourself. Which means that the one who goes first has a 2 in 3 chance of losing if his first move is to shoot himself! Disregarding incorporating spinning the chamber into your strategy that is. Clearly whoever goes first has a disadvantage if his first move is to shoot himself. You've got a 1 in 2 chance no matter what you do if it's firing #3. Or any odd number. So the game theory strategy is to always shoot your opponent first. Use up an even number of firings. Again, disregarding incorporating spinning the chamber into your strategy. Unfortunately, I'm so supernaturally unlucky that I had to play each of them an average of 3 or 4 times before I won them, I had to kill myself over 20 times to win the game, so I don't have a hope of winning the "iron orange" version. To a normal person the odds should be roughly but a little worse than 1 in 64 of winning all 6 (1 in 729 if your first move is always to shoot yourself and your opponent follows the game theory optimal strategy) but to me I might as well buy a lottery ticket. Well, the long rally in the "overripe" achievement apparently refers to the number of trigger pullings (because we both spun the chamber), not the number of sequential matches won, so I managed to get that achievement.

Well, anyway, bottom line, always shoot your opponent first. The odds are 50% if it has been shot 0, 2, 3 or 4 times, but in your favor 60% if shot 1 time already and 100% if 5 times, but if you shoot yourself first, your odds are 33%.

I like the music. It really fits the situation.

Two years later I still find myself coming back to this lean, mean title. It's stripped down, cleaned up, looks good, and plays great. Even with its mostly minimalist design, it's still an enormously compelling title that probably should have earned much more in the way of recognition.

well then it's sad so that's where seedless oranges come from but ever see the holographic dude's eyes flashing in the air.