Reviews for "Everwynn Forest"

Awwww :) bit sad I was reading it without a little kid but awwww

I first voted 3 after skipping the end but forced myself to read it when leaving a review.
One thing is for sure, this is for small kids, upvoting it on NG would be wrong.
Still apart from not liking the horned Franok and his name, I'd say it a good children's tale.
I liked the end. =p

It is what you said it was. Needs music, good art/story

I like the srory and the art, but I dislike the page arrangment, not very original.
But if you change that, sure, you have printable book here.
(sorry for my english)

The art was amazing and the world you created for the characters fairly enchanting for the few words in the story. However, even on a children's level, there is not enough conflict nor problem solving. If you look at famous children's shows (Winnie the Poo, Little Bear, Aurthur, etc) they all have a bit more conflict in them. Could've easily added more considering they were hiking up mountains and such.

Aside from that, it's pretty good. =)